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How to clone a laptop hard drive

177732_True Image 2013 by Acronis: Second copy $9.99 only! 250x250 banner

NOTE: Before you can transfer all the contents of your hard drive into a new one, it is important that you get rid of any spywares or viruses so that you will have a clean system and files in the new hard drive. Therefore, run a complete antivirus and anti-spyware cleanup process before doing the cloning of the hard drives. There are good free antivirus and anti-malware or spyware that you can download from www.download.com or www.filehippo.com to accomplish these tasks, or you may want to use your favorite software.

sata and ide connectionI bought my adapter from Fry’s Electronics. If you live outside of US then I would guess a computer store can be your best option. Cost of SATA to USB hard drive adapter would be about $20 more less in eBay. The regular cost of Acronis True Image 2013 is $49.99, but if you use the code I have provided below then you will get a 10% discount

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  1. Comment by timsar:

    I am trying to clone a Seagate 1TB (source HD) which has 6 dynamic partition in Win7 using Acronis True Image 2013 Plus Pack into a HGST 1TB (destination HD). Both drives have the same capacity (1TB) but with different RPM. When I tried to use a typical USB enclosure and interface connector to do the cloning Acronis Ture Image was not able to detect the source HD (Seagate 1TB 5400 – Dynamic) and automatically selected HGST 1TB 7200 RPM (NTSF) as a source drive which is incorrect.
    In the Disk Clone Wizard window source disk is listed as Disk-1 Dynamic which is grayed out and can NOT be selected and Disk-2 is selected as source. That is completely wrong. I am wondering if the problem resides in:

    1) May be the USB connector is not SATA compatible because is showing up as USB interface.
    2) Perhaps Acronis True Image 2013 plus pack is not able to do cloning on a dynamic disk.

    Anyhow, would you mind providing me with SKU or part number of the USB to SATA/IDE Adapter which you showed in your video?


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